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Zachariah, R. and Harries, A. D. and Srinath, S. and Ram, S. and Viney, K. and Singogo, E. and Lal, P. and Mendoza-Ticona, A. and Sreenivas, A. and Aung, N. W. and Sharath, B. N. and Kanyerere, H. and van Soelen, N. and Kirui, N. and Ali, E. and Hinderaker, S. G. and Bissell, K. and Enarson, D. A. and Edginton, M. E. (2012) Language in tuberculosis services: can we change to patient-centred terminology and stop the paradigm of blaming the patients? Int J Tuberc Lung Dis, 16 (6). pp. 714-717.

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