Trial of BCG Vaccine in South India for Tuberculosis Prevention

Tuberculosis Prevention Trial, (1980) Trial of BCG Vaccine in South India for Tuberculosis Prevention Indian J Med Res, 72 (Su. pp. 1-74.

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The protective effect of BCG vaccination in man has been evaluated in a number of controlled trials in these trails, the protection observed varied from none to 80 percent. In view of these conflicting results, a large scale BCG trial was planned in India and the trial near Madras in South India in a population of about 360 000 persons, in this trial, all individuals aged 1 year and above were tested with 3 IU of PPD-S and 10 units of PPD-B, and simultaneously, BCG vaccines and placebo were allocated randomly to all those aged 1 mo and above. All individuals aged 10 yr and above were X-rayed, and from such persons whose photofluorograms were interpreted as abnormal two specimens of sputum were collected and bacteriologically examined. Intensive efforts were made, by means of regular follow-up surveys every 21 yr and more frequently, by selective case-finding among suspects and further by maintaining permanent diagnostic services for symptomatic, to identify all new cases of tuberculosis occurring in the community. Mutually exclusive random samples of the population were retested with tuberculin at 2 mo, 2 and 4 yr after the intake in order to evaluate the tuberculin sensitivity over time in the study population. The study population was characterized by a high prevalence of tuberculosis infection and disease as also by a very high prevalence of nonspecific sensitivity this report presents findings of the first 7 yr of follow-up. The tuberculin sensitivity induced by BCG vaccination was highly satisfactory at 2 mo but waned considerably between 2 mo and 2 yr with no further waning in sensitivity thereafter. Incidence of infection was high in study population however, incidence of bacillary disease was more frequent among initial tuberculin reactors, especially among the older persons, than among non-reactors of whom the majority were in the younger age groups the distribution of new cases of pulmonary tuberculosis among those not infected at intake did not show any evidence of a protective effect of BCG certain hypothesis that may explain the findings have been discussed.

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